For those who never know what to wear, Amazon has created a tool that might make picking out an outfit a lot more simple.

There will be no need to look in the mirror, as the device contains a hands-free camera that comes full equipped with all the features you need to take full-length photos and short videos, allowing you to capture every angle of your outfit from head to toe.

Echo Look has the same voice-control feature, which goes by the name of “Alexa,” as Amazon’s Echo Dot. Not only will Alexa be a personal style assistant, but she will still be able to play music while you put together your ensemble and provide you with the usual updates, such as traffic and weather.

Through the app, you can create a lookbook for easy photo sharing.  Alexa will help pick out new brands and styles based on the content saved in the lookbook.

If your friends aren’t around to give you a second opinion, fashion help is provided by the Style Check service that allows you to submit two photos for advice on which outfit looks better.

This system combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists. Amazon, however, will be storing all of the pictures and corresponding data, allowing the device to get smarter over time through your feedback.

According to Engadget, Echo Look will provide Amazon with the means to start tracking customer habits and determine what products are being used the most.

Currently, the Echo Look will only be available exclusively by invitation through Amazon for a price of $199.99 and with free shipping for Prime members.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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