Tuesday 25 April 2017
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Category: Local Events

Museum Emphasizes Art Created by Immigrants

‘A Day Without Immigrants,’ designed to demonstrate the impact of immigrants on U.S. culture, is a lasting movement in the art world....

Creativity Strikes; Aspire Hits New York City

New York City, which is known for the food, the job market, and the fashion, just to name a few, will be hosting a special event. In...

Miami Artist

Miami Artist Spreads World Peace Murals Across NYC

Renda Writer can usually be found at local art exhibits with a smile on his face and paint stains on his hands. His art can be found...

Billionaire to Host New York Auction to Benefit Clinton Campaign

If there is anything that can stir citizens in the United States, it is certainly a presidential campaign; especially one with a candidate...

New York Comic Con 2016: Exclusives and More

It’s that time of year again, folks, time to either get out your best cosplay and roam the Javits center or sit readily on twitter...

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