Posts by: Katie Arnold

Could Insulin Pills Prevent Diabetes?

There has been a preliminary study by different researchers to try and see if insulin pills could help prevent Type 1 diabetes. According...

North Korean Farmers Face Dry Fields from Drought

North Korean farmers are trying to tap into underground water sources as a last ditch effort to help crops. There has been no rain for the...

Hispanic Leaders Say Republican Party Must Condemn Donald Trump

Hispanic leaders want the republican party to condemn Donald Trump for his racist remarks. So far, not many of the GOP have said anything...

BP to Pay Record $18.7 Billion to States Affected by Spill

BP and five coastal states have agreed that the oil company will pay $18.7 billion to the states. This is a record breaking agreement and a...

People Love Amy Winehouse Documentary; Except the Family

Critics love the new Amy Winehouse documentary. The film Amy focuses more on how much of a talented singer she was and how she was troubled...

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