Friday 22 September 2017
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Category: Other News

Members of ‘uncontacted’ Amazonian tribe allegedly slaughtered by gold miners

Brazilian authorities are investigating reports of a massacre of about 10 members of an uncontacted tribe living in a remote part of the...

California teen tries to smuggle Bengal tiger cub into U.S.

On Wednesday, an 18-year-old driver was apprehended at the U.S – Mexico border, after trying to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub into the...

NYC protesters demand statue of confederate-era physician be removed

Statues around America with ties to the country’s confederacy era are sparking huge controversy throughout the nation. Just this past...

One dead, two injured in car crash during Solar Eclipse

One woman was pronounced dead and two other women injured after a car crash during the solar eclipse on Monday in Kentucky. The incident...

Curious beachgoers accidentally kill baby dolphin

When a baby dolphin came in close to the shoreline of a crowded beach in Spain, curious beachgoers decided to touch the animal and take...

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