Category: BUSINESS

United Airlines’ Indifference Towards Lives

Full disclosure, United Airlines’ dreadful customer service can be dated back as far as ten years ago. United Continental Holdings...

More Blood in the Hands of United Airlines

United Airlines have, once again, evoked strong negative emotions in their passengers. As of Monday night, the blood of a family’s...

Mining Cryptocurrency: Your Intro Course

Hello and welcome again to our feature on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general! In our previous installment, we went over the humble...

Is Twitter turning into Snapchat, too?

We live in a generation that considers smartphones as a basic necessity. It is something we wake up to and also the last thing we look at...

Apple Continues to Expand Its Empire

We live in an era where smart devices have become a daily essential to us. Through this, we have turned to the digital form of many...

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