Wednesday 26 July 2017
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Category: Energy

Apple to Use Recyclable Materials for iPhones

Since Apple released its new environmental report, the company says it’s going to do what it can for the good of the planet. It seems...

Tesla Says Orders for Its Solar Roof Start Next Month

It wasn’t that long ago that Panasonic and Tesla joined together to create solar cells. In the Fall Tesla announced its plans to create a...

Trump Makes Plans to Rollback Fuel Economy Rules

President Donald Trump made his way to Detroit earlier this week with an announcement. His announcement of the rollback of a stringent fuel...

Alaska Made a Massive Oil Discovery After Searching for Thirty Years

The recent massive oil finding (over 1.2 barrels worth) in Alaska may bring great relief to the state, as far as money goes.  The oil...

General Electric Shares See a Drop

General Electric continues its descent into the fourth quarter as oil patch difficulties impacted sales and lowered shares in the company...

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