Saturday 27 May 2017
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Category: Media

Man Sentenced to two Years for Hack on Xbox Live

What happens when you create a program that allows you to make 1.7 million attacks on Xbox Live, Minecraft, and TeamSpeak? A young man from...

Over 1 Million Nintendo Switch Units Sold in the U.S.

It’s safe to assume that Nintendo is beaming with pride. The Nintendo Switch sold over 906,000 units in the United States this past...

Burger King Ad Not a Big Hit With Consumers

Many are unsure about a new Burger King ad that is set up to trigger the Google devices in their homes. This ad was put in place to help...

U.S. No Longer Requires Privacy for Internet Users

Internet users can no longer expect internet service providers to protect their privacy. On March 28, the House of Representatives repealed...

The Academy Issues an Apology 24 Hours After Wrong Best Picture Announcement Fiasco

The Academy of Motion Pictures has officially released an apology for announcing the wrong Best Picture winner. The organization that...

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