On Friday, America Intelligence chiefs and a few members of Congress had a briefing about the Russian Cyber-attacks.  The House Democrats instead decided to bombard the director of the F.B.I John B. Comey, with questions of why he continued to harass Hillary Clinton about her email scandal yet refuses to investigate the ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia. He then responded with a non-definitive answer.

The Representative of California, Nancy Pelosi, became frustrated with Comey’s responses. In fact, she claimed that he was being condescending to her and her colleagues. Representative of Florida and former chairwoman of the D.N.C, Debbie Wasserman, asked why Comey never called her about the intrusions when the D.N.C got hacked. This had been going since August of 2015.

Many people were starting to believe that Comey was being biased when it came to the Russian cyber-hacks.  He had no problem pursuing Clinton yet he refuses to answer any questions pertaining to Russia oPresident-elect Trump.

There is speculation to believe that the Russians were attempting to promote the candidacy of Donald Trump. The intelligence agencies had a polarizing reception on the matter. On Friday however, the committee confirmed that they will hold hearings on the Russians suspicious during the election.

“There is a great deal of evidence to say that this is an issue of high interest to the American people,” said Pelosi.

Due to Comey’s lack of interest in pursuing the Russian cyber-hack case, many people believed that he should have been terminated as director. Some Representatives namely, Steven believe that the Democratic party had another agenda besides the hacks.

“Their questions and comments seemed to make the case that Hillary Clinton would be president if it were not for hacking,”

He does believe that there are people in intelligence that are not to be trusted. Just like the  Democrats that day.

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