Wednesday 26 July 2017
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Category: Policy

U.S District Judge Approves Gag Order in Martin Shkreli Trial

On Wednesday, U.S District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto imposed a modified gag order on Martin Shkreli– the dubbed “Pharmacy Bro.”...

Cosmetics Industry is not as Regulated by the FDA as you Would Hope

The cosmetics industry, which encompasses everyday products from shampoos and shaving creams to makeup and perfume just so happens to be...

Grizzlies from Yellowstone Delisted From the Endangered Species List

In 1975, the Grizzly Bear population of Yellowstone National Park Ursus arctos horribilis was put under the protection of the Endangered...

Hall of Fame Reaffirms Pete Rose Ban

The latest chapter has been added to a controversy that rears itself annually in June or July, coincidentally as soon as pennant races...

FDA Gives Food Companies More Time to Update Nutritional Facts Labels

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on Tuesday that they will be extending the compliance date set for food companies to label...

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