The year 2016 has inspired many different fashion trends throughout the world with various inspirations for them. This fashion extravaganza left many consumers confused as to how to dress trendy and who better to ask than Google.

Everyone’s best friend Google was the hot spot this year for the most fashion-related searches. These searches varied in style and specification. Some people asked about red carpet dresses and other grand styles while most asked about the simpler things such as “how to wear booties?” and questions related to chokers. It is clear that Instagram has now become the fashion go-to place for everyone when it comes to staying up to trend. A lot of Instagram models posted pictures sporting denim jackets, bomber jackets, and chokers. These items are 90s inspired and once became extremely uncool so their comeback left many confused and intrigued.

Some of the searches included questions like, “How to cut sleeves off of a t-shirt” and “when can you start wearing white?” They seem like obvious answers but believe it or not, have left many people confused this year. 2016 felt like a throwback year in fashion, where trends paid homage to earlier decades with the return of jean jackets and chokers. People searched questions like “What did people wear in the 90s?” and “How to dress like a hippie?” As it seems, some fashion trends will never perish.

With clothes come the designers and they were also amongst some of the most searched things on Google. Rachel Roy was one of the top searched designers, possibly because she was rumored to have an affair with Jay Z. This year’s Oscars caused many people to search designers as well because celebrities such as Alicia Vikander and Priyanka Chopra rocked the red carpet in outfits from Zuhair Murad and Louis Vuitton. As confusing as 2016’s fashion trends were, they captured an essence from nearly every era before 2000.

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