Wednesday 26 July 2017
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Category: HEALTH

Nine-year-old Born With HIV Maintains Remission for 8 1/2 Years

A South African nine-year-old, who started HIV treatment soon after birth has remained free of the virus for the past 8 1/2 years. This...

Tennessee Jail Reduces Sentences In Exchange for Birth Control Procedures

A jail in White County, Tennessee is willing to reduce their inmate’s sentences by 30 days– but first, they have to agree to a...

6-Year-Old boy Revived With Narcan After Possible Opioid Overdose

As the opioid epidemic continues to grow, young children are now unwillingly facing the consequences. On Tuesday morning, paramedics had to...

18-day Old Infant Dies From Viral Meningitis Caused by Cold Sore

An infant less than three weeks old was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning, due to contracting viral meningitis after coming in contact...

First Child to Receive Double Hand Transplant Has Successful Surgery

The first child in the entire world to successfully receive a double hand transplant is now able to read, write and feed himself on his own...

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