Friday 24 November 2017
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Category: Well-being

International Men’s Day and its Significance

When you see the words “International Men’s Day” trending on Twitter, you may become confused to what this may mean. You could see it...

Einstein’s Note on Happiness Sells For Over $1.5 Million

The year was 1922, a few years before WWI’s completion. The 20s were the era of revival and rebirth; new definitions were determined, a...

Childhood finger injuries

Childhood finger injuries may lead to lifelong suffering

Plastic surgeons are warning the public that children and toddlers with finger injuries caused by closing doors can end up with lifelong...

Recent studies indicate loss of smell is a pre-indicator of dementia

According to startling new research, which was presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in Toronto back...

Concussion injuries and football

1 in 5 teenagers report diagnosis of a concussion

Over the past few years, more information has come about over concussions. Specifically, a lot of studies have been done on the repetitive...

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