Thursday 25 May 2017
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Category: Well-being

Australian Study Reveals Link Between Early Puberty and Poverty

According to a study from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) in Melbourne, Australian children growing up in poorer...

Pigeon Needle Nest in Vancouver Parallels Growing Opioid Crisis

A horrendous image of a pigeon’s nest made out of hypodermic needles was posted on Twitter Wednesday by Superintendent Michelle Davey...

Painkillers Greatly Increase Heart Attack Risk, Researchers Find

One of the most common alleviations for minor aches and pains is ibuprofen, but it may not be as helpful as people thought. Researchers...

Scientists Find Early Detection of Autism is a Possibility

Currently, doctors tend to diagnose children with autism after they are 2 years old. However, new research shows that brain scans can...

France Enforces New Measures to Fight Rising Rates of Obesity

As part of a consistent effort to bring down the rising obesity rates, France has ruled that restaurants are no longer allowed to offer...

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