Wednesday 24 May 2017
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Category: Travel

U.S. & E.U. Withhold Ban on Electronics on European Flights, Do Not Follow U.K.’s Lead

After a four-hour meeting in Brussels, the United States and the European Union decided not to prohibit travelers from using electronic...

United Airlines Policy Changes After Incident Went Viral

United Airlines has announced on Friday there will be a change to their policy on crew members bumping passengers after they received...

Donald Trump Might Spend More in one Year Than Obama did in Eight

At the rate he’s going, President Donald Trump is well on his way to surpassing former President Barack Obama’s eight-year travel...

Former Continental CEO Says United Passenger’s Actions were ‘Immature?’

It wasn’t too long ago that United Airlines kicked two young women off of its flight for wearing leggings. That incident seemed to...

Uber Resumes Its Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

It was just a few days ago that an Uber autonomous SUV was involved in a crash that caused the company to halt all testing of its...

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