Saturday 27 May 2017
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Category: Miami

Goodbye Mr. Loria, Baseball Never Needed You

Jeffrey Loria agreed in principal to sell the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball franchise to a group including failed presidential...

Two U.S. Airlines Say No More Routes to Cuba?

Regular passenger flights haven’t touched down on Cuban soil in fifty years. Unfortunately, just six months since flights have been...

Art Basel Miami Beach 2016; an Art Festival to Remember

On Sunday, the Art Basel organization closed the book on another extremely successful event in Miami Beach, and we were there to see it....

Art Basel in Miami to Honor David Bowie

Taking place every year in Miami Beach, Art Basel Miami is the destination for art lovers from around the globe. Taking place from December...

Hurricane Causes Florida Panhandle to Call for Evacuations

Inclement weather is always a problem in parts of the country. Sometimes it can get so bad that people must move in order to stay safe. It...

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