Saturday 27 May 2017
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Category: New York

How Good Was Derek Jeter Actually?

Today at Yankee Stadium, the last single digit number in circulation for the New York Yankees was retired as Derek Jeter, the future Hall...

New York City’s Ban on Trans Fats Show Promising Results

A new study shows that trans fats banned in certain counties of New York have declined in hospital admissions for heart attacks and...

Amazon Bookstore Coming Soon to New York

Amazon is expanding its bookstores to New York City just across the Empire State Building, one of the tourist hotspots to visit away from...

Baltimore Man Charged For Racism-Fueled New York Murder

For one man in New York last week, racist beliefs took a deadly turn. The 28-year-old white U.S. Army veteran stabbed a black man to death...

New Study Shows Los Angeles Has the Worst Traffic in the World

According to a new report, congestion caused by cheap gas and a surging economy has cost U.S. motorists almost $300 billion last year. Out...

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