The latest threats against Jewish communities in the U.S. left thousands afraid. Easing those tensions, Israeli police arrested a man connected to those violent threats.

Police arrested the 19-year-old Israeli man, with dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel, Thursday morning. They believe he is connected to the string of cyber threats against Jewish community centers and institutions in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Included in these attacks are bomb threats to multiple locations, including nine U.S. states and Delta Air Lines.

Israeli police said their cybersecurity experts found the man alongside the FBI. Accordingly, they found the suspect is behind the majority of the threats. However, they do not know how many official threats he made. Reportedly, he used advanced technologies to hide investigators tracing back to him. Authorities previously arrested former journalist Juan Thompson for eight known threats.

Israeli police said the investigation began after civilians reported anti-Semitic harassments worldwide. People reported threats at public places, events, synagogues, and community buildings.

“The result of the threats made by the suspect had caused damage to the communities and to their security,” officials said. “In one case, when threats were made by the suspect, he caused an airline to make an emergency landing.”

A judge ruled that the officials will host the suspect in custody at least until March 30. During that time, the judge ordered that authorities not release his name.

Threatening Jewish communities

The threats, ranging from harassments to murder threats, forced hundreds of people to evacuate their Jewish communities. Accordingly, schools and offices closed to try and avoid any mass harm.

Recent incidents include bomb threats in 38 states, vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia and numerous hate crimes. Just since January, civilians reported more than 100 threats, and in one day, there were 31 bomb threats from 23 community centers and eight schools. Investigators hope the recent arrest will help alleviate these anti-Semitic crime threats.

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