North Carolina’s lawmakers present a new legislation 2 years after the U.S. Supreme Court decision granting same-sex marriage nationwide to have it void in its state.

This new legislation is directed towards the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2015, granting same-sex marriage, saying it has stepped over North Carolina’s constitution. It is a bill that refers to the line in the constitution of North Carolina that states that the only marriage valid is between a man and woman which was approved in 2012 through an amendment.

The bill also states that same-sex marriage would not be recognized and is invalid in North Carolina even if the marriage was granted outside the state. This bill is known as the House Bill 780, or “Uphold Historical Marriage Act.”

The primary sponsors of this new legislation are State Representations Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale and Carl Ford who attempt to reestablished the amendment made to the constitution in 2012.

So, if the bill is passed same-sex marriage will not be considered valid or recognized within the state even if its valid outside the state.

However, Tim Moore the house speaker of Kings Mountains says the new legislation wouldn’t be considered since the Supreme Court ruled on the issue of gay marriage.

Under this new legislation, North Carolina will receive more attention towards their actions against restricting the LGBT community. The state has already been criticized for its transgender bathroom law restricting the usage of the public bathrooms.

This has cost North Carolina billions of dollars by having the bill restrict the usage of public restrooms to transgender such as plans of expansion from PayPal up to from major events relocating away from North Carolina.

Just last month, the bill was replaced by lawmakers that bans local governments from passing any form of actions to protect the LGBT community.

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