English: Patrick Stewart. Legend
English: Patrick Stewart. Legend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patrick Stewart said goodbye to his role as Professor Xavier when Logan hit theaters just a few weeks ago. The 76-year-old actor has decided to take a break from acting; in the meantime, Stewart has decided to focus on other topics namely, Marijuana.

Stewart is an advocate supporter of the drug, mainly because he partakes in the use of, only for health reasons that which deal with his hands.   He has decided to assist in a study at Oxford University that pertains to benefits Marijuana can have medically.

“Two years ago, in Los Angeles, I was examined by a doctor and given a note which gave me legal permission to purchase, from a registered outlet, cannabis-based products, which I was advised might help the ortho-arthritis in both my hands,” Patrick had written. “This, it would seem, is a genetically-based condition. My mother had badly distorted and painful hands.”

By the way, he doesn’t smoke blunts or anything of that nature. Instead, Patrick Stewart mainly just sticks to tropical treatments and edibles. Since he has been using eating edibles and other weed products, Stewart’s hands have been showing good results, among other things.

And is safe to say that he has not had any side-effects while using these weed products. His other options, however, were NSAID’s, Advil, Aleve and Naproxen. These are known to cause damage to the liver and acid reflux.  Stewart firmly believes that Marijuana can truly help people and here were his final thoughts during the end of the study,

“This is an important step forward for Britain in a field of research that has for too long been held back by prejudice, fear and ignorance. I believe this programme of research might result in benefits for people like myself as well as millions of others.”

Although Stewart does support the use of Marijuana, he still strongly believes people should only use it for medical reasons, primarily.

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