Wednesday 13 December 2017
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Snapchat introduces redesign as Wall Street growth falls

The world’s most popular snapshot disappearing app, Snapchat, is now going back to the drawing board. Snap. Inc will be redesigning in...

Facebook introduces news subscription feature

The world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, is now implementing the option to subscribe to your favorite news sources through...

Huffington announces Softbank and Uber deal close to finalizing

With today’s technology, the concept of ordering a car to take you anywhere is ordinary. According to Arianna Huffington, the...

Self-driving car crashes due to human error

Since their creation, there has been speculation about whether self-driving cars are safe to travel in. Just recently, Reuters reported...

Breaches in cybersecurity are becoming more concerning

The more our society relies on computers and the internet, the more our information is at risk. As of late, there have been multiple...

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