President Trump’s latest plan involves a requirement that would have the states start any infrastructure project within the 90 days they receive their federal funding. This new plan involves putting the pressure on states to speed up their permitting process. This would put a major emphasis on renovations for things like roads and highways rather than the building of new ones.

According to a source, Trump had a private meeting with business executives and aides in which he stated, “We’re not going to give the money to states unless they can prove that they can be ready, willing and able to start the project.”

Along with his emphasis on the revitalization of roads and highways, Trump continued his enthusiasm for the construction of high-speed railways. Trump then turned his interest to Tesla group Elon Musk which is responsible for the development of Hyperloop. Hyperloop can only be described as a mode of transportation that would move passengers through low-pressure tubes at very high speeds.

Trump wants to handle his new idea for a $1 trillion infrastructure plan after he and Congress tackle current healthcare and tax reform issues. Yet when it comes to his $1 trillion infrastructure idea it’s not really clear exactly what was meant by it other than the renovation of road and highways as well as the further construction of railways.

Yet compared to his other misleading policies and ideas like the border wall and slashing taxes for wealthier citizens, the infrastructure could have at least some potential if there’s a follow-through on it.

Experts say that in order to accommodate for years of neglect to public structures like roads and highways, large spending will be needed. Theirs is also an increased estimation of spending due to the rising threat of global warming.

In regards to state funding, Trump also said, “We don’t want to give them money if they’re all tied up for seven years with state bureaucracy.”

Like most of the other ideas that were announced during the election, only time will tell if they will truly be established or just fall through as empty campaign promises.

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