Tuesday 25 July 2017
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‘Rare’ Case of Mad Cow Disease Strikes Alabama for the Second Time

An “atypical” case of bovine spongiform encephalopothy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, has been confirmed Tuesday in an...

Neil Armstrong Moon Bag May Make Up to $4 Million In Auction

In honor of America’s 48th anniversary of the first ever moon landing, the moon bag Neil Armstrong used to collect moon samples is...

London Launches New Action Plan Concerning Acid Attacks

With acid attackers ravaging through London, the government is launching a new action plan, which could possibly include putting culprits...

Florida Beachgoers form Human Chain to Save 9 Lives in Ocean Riptide

Roberta Ursrey and her family’s trip to the beach last week Saturday was supposed to be a quick one, but when two of her sons were...

Four Chinese Students are Living in a Mock Space Station for the Next 200 Days

Four students from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China have become guinea-pigs for a mission to simulate how it...

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