Trump’s administration has made the announcement Monday that the funding for the United Nations Population Fund has been cut from the 2017 budget affecting the health of women and girls.

The United Nations Population Fund, known as the UNFPA, is an agency for the reproductive health of the women. It is an agency that helps women and girls of more than around 150 countries worldwide.

Under a new executive order signed early in the year, it was said that tax dollars are not to be used in funding programs or groups who support the involuntary sterilizations and forced abortions. A reinforcement to the provision Kemp-Kasten Amendment that makes it illegal to use US taxpayer dollars to fund groups supporting abortion financially.    

Trump’s administration reason for cutting the funding the women’s health is because the United Nations Population Fund since it works with the Chinese government. The Chinese government has a policy of their one-child policy that forces their citizen to have abortions and be sterilized.   

The new administration will be cutting the funding of 32.5 million and transfer it to the Global Health Programs account. There the funding will be used by the US agency for internal development that will support reproductive health activities and family planning material.

This decision will cause an instability in the Middle East where there has been aid. In Syria, there the United Nations Population Fund has created 64 women centers and safe places but has also helped 48 thousand women with safe childbirth, individuals with gender-based violence and health services.

In Iraq, the UNFPA has created primary health centers supporting the survivors of gender-based violence and dedicated centers where there is mental health and medical support for survivors of the sexual violence.

Most of the funding the United States provides is put to the emergency aid when there is world is facing a humanitarian crisis that can have an impact to the women and refugees in the crisis.

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