Wednesday 24 May 2017
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Category: American

On Jackie Robinson Day, Reflection is Needed

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made American History when he stepped out to field first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In doing so he...

American Steel Wont Be Used to Make Keystone XL Pipeline

President Donald Trump, before the oval office chair could get warm, made sure that the Keystone XL oil pipeline mission would be seen...

Six People Killed in Terrorist Attack at Quebec Mosque

Sunday evening, at a Mosque in Quebec City, a few men opened fire on about 50 unsuspecting victims, killing six and injuring eight. Prime...

President Obama Says ‘You Made Me a Better Man’

Before leaving the White House for the last time on Jan. 20, former President Barack Obama wrote more than the traditional letter to his...

Anti-Trump Protests Enter Fifth Consecutive Day of Demonstrating

Protesters against Trump turned out for a fifth consecutive day of demonstrating on Sunday. While the majority of coverage focused on...

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