Wednesday 26 July 2017
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Category: Civil Rights

“Stand Your Ground” Law Change Ruled Unconstitutional by Florida Judge

Florida’s updated “Stand Your Ground” law was ruled unconstitutional by a state judge on Monday. The judge said it was...

On Jackie Robinson Day, Reflection is Needed

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made American History when he stepped out to field first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In doing so he...

Mass Disappearance of Gay People in Chechnya

There have been many disappearances and deaths of gays lately in Chechnya, which is a region within Russia.  Russian authorities have...

Chicago Police Officer Charged for Teen’s 2014 Death

The family of teenager Laquan McDonald is seeing justice served to the officer who killed their son. A Chicago judge prosecuted police...

Filmmaker Finds Michael Brown Innocent of Robbery

The South By Southwest Film Festival always makes headlines for innovative documentaries, but this year, one filmmaker may have solved a...

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