Tuesday 25 July 2017
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Category: Africa

EU Offers Italy Migrant Help, Cautions Private Rescuers

On Tuesday the E.U. offered Italy additional funding to help manage its influx of Mediterranean migrants. After demanding that its...

E.U. To Offer Italy help with Migrant Crisis

Starting in 2015 and continuing on through the present day, the European Union has been confronted with a massive influx of migrants....

Omar al-Bashir Shows Futility of Human Rights/International Law

Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan since he took over in a 1989 military coup  is set to visit Russia this week in an outward sign that...

French and West African Leaders Launch Task-force to Combat Al-Qaeda

Two weeks ago, a terrorist attack by groups linked to Al-Qaeda killed two people in the Malian capital Bamako and sparked a new round of...

Kenya Becomes First African Country to Introduce Generic HIV Treatment

Kenya has just become the first country in Africa to introduce Dolutegravir (DTG), a generic HIV drug that is often used in developed...

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