Wednesday 22 November 2017
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Category: Asia Pacific

‘A nuclear war may break out any moment’ claims North Korea

On Monday, North Korea’s deputy U.N. ambassador warned that the situation on the Korean peninsula “has reached the touch-and-go point...

Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar

U.S. echoes U.N., condemns Myanmar for ethnic cleansing

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley echoes the U.N.’s accusations of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, reports Reuters Thursday....

Mount Agung, Bali

Potential Mount Agung eruption in Bali fuels mass exodus

Indonesia’s disaster agency reported a mass exodus of more than 75,000 people after warnings of an imminent volcanic eruption on the...

White House responds to North Korea missile launch over Japan

After North Korea launched a missile over Japan on Tuesday, the Trump administration’s response has bounced between threats and talks...

Sea Snakes Observed Coping with Pollution with Melanin

The Turtle-Headed Sea Snake of the Genus Emydocephalus is part of subfamily Hydrophiinae, more commonly known as sea snakes, which...

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