Saturday 27 May 2017
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Category: Middle East

Iranians Call for Greater Reforms Following President Rouhani’s Reelection

This weekend marked the reelection of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani with 57 percent of the vote, giving him another four years as the...

Experts in Middle East Skeptical of Trump’s New Rhetoric Towards Islam

In his speech in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, President Donald Trump took a dramatic shift in tone towards Islam. While he often criticized...

Trump Promotes Tolerance and Unity in Saudi Speech, Contradicting Anti-Muslim Campaign

Today President Trump will arrive in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, his first overseas trip as president. Though Trump portrayed Muslims in a...

U.S. Launches Military Strike Against Syria

The chemical attack on Syrian civilians this week caused an outcry from much of the world. Now, the U.S. is taking repercussions into its...

Assad Regime Launches Chemical Attack on Syrian Civilians

When a regime has too much power, that power comes at a large cost of civilians. Early Tuesday morning, Syria’s regime attacked one of...

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