The breathtaking news of a 5-month-old baby who survived nine hours buried in the wilderness has caught the attention of the press. The baby was found under a pile of sticks and debris in the woods of Montana. Francis Carlton Crowley, the thirty-two-year-old man who was responsible for the baby, was seen “acting strange” at Lolo Hot Springs, which caused for people to call the police. People stated that he had been threatening strangers in the area and even saying that he carried a gun.

When officers came and confronted him, they found him heavily intoxicated, mumbling and speaking incoherently. The officers were aware that he had the responsibility to take care of the infant, and were concerned since the baby hadn’t been seen for hours. They were shocked when Crowley himself mentioned that the baby “might” be buried somewhere in the mountains.

The incident called for members of local Search and Rescue forces and members of the United States Forest Service to intensely look out for the baby, following the unclear instructions of the man. The police released a statement after finding the child, which said: “After more than 6 hours of searching on foot, a deputy heard the faint cry of a baby. He followed the sound and found the baby alive, face down, buried under a pile of sticks and debris.”

Police officers were immediately concerned for the baby’s health and well-being, since he was found wet in a night of 46 degrees. They took him to a hospital and he was considered in good condition. The police department called his well state “a miracle”, saying that they couldn’t believe he was still alive.

Brenda Bassett, a public information officer for the police department, told about how they found the child. She stated: “It was really a miracle. So many times law enforcement are used to having the bad story to tell, not one where there is something so good at the end.” She also confirmed that the baby was not harmed in any way besides some minor bruises and that this wouldn’t affect his overall health.

The department also released a statement thanking people involved in the case. It read:

For the officers who were present for this event, it’s especially hard knowing what this small baby endured in the last 24 hours. Sheriff McDermott would like to thank those who assisted in the search and those who called 911, helping first responders bring this baby to safety.”

State Division of Child and Family Services has now custody over the baby, and Crowley is currently being held with a charge of criminal endangerment and a fifty thousand dollar bail.  According to the Missoula County attorney’s office, it has not been clarified if Crowley was assigned an attorney at the time of his detention. According to Dylan Arthur, executive director for the parole board in Oregon, the man is a fugitive from the state who was currently under post-prison supervision. He was accused of committing burglary several times and criminal mischief. His relationship with the child still remains unclear, and he will soon be processed and probably sentenced to jail.

Featured Image via Pixabay