If you have a sister who is a big age difference from you, you might not have always realized just how lucky you are.  Sure, sometimes you may have wished you could be like your friends who have their sisters in the same school, share similar interests, and gossip about the same things, but when you really think about it there are so many benefits of being far apart in age. There is a good chance you and your sister likely wouldn’t even be nearly as close if it weren’t for the age difference. Here are 5 reasons why that age gap is perfect for when you have a sister:

1.You aren’t as competitive with each other.

When you guys don’t go to the same school and aren’t in the same age group people aren’t constantly comparing you.  There isn’t the pressure to have as good of a body, be as good at sports, or get as good of grades as your sister.  Not secretly hating your sister for being better than you most definitely makes you two closer.

2. You don’t fight over boys

With a big age difference, comes the inability to go after the same boys.  When you’re on vacation there is no doubt who the boy in question is for.  There is no jealousy if one of you has a boyfriend or is getting engaged and the other doesn’t because you guys are in different stages of your lives.  Now, that you aren’t fighting over boys you can endlessly talk about all your drama with no judgment.  Bonus, if you’re the younger sibling the older one will have already been through it all. And maybe your sister’s boyfriend has a brother…

3. You don’t have to share clothes, but you can!

Sharing clothes is not expected.  You do not go into a store expecting to buy a one-person wardrobe meant for two.  There are also no hand me downs, it has been too long your parents don’t force it.  However, if when you guys are older you are able to share clothes you can! Clothes swaps can be fun when it isn’t forced upon you since you were little.

4. Your relationship changes

When you were younger, one of you played mom and one of you was a little toy to play with.  Once you got older and more on the same page, you guys started to become friends.  You guys could watch similar TV shows and talk about common interests.  Then once you hit your 20s and 30s it is like there is no age difference at all and you guys are just best friends who can share anything. 

5. You always have an ally

Since you guys are rarely fighting, you always have an ally by your side when you fight with your parents.  Instead of turning to your parents when you fight with your sibling, like normal age gap sisters, you guys turn to each other when you fight with your parents.  This way is much more fun. 

A big age differences with sisters is the best.  It allows you to have the best aspects of a sibling without all the added drama, and a kind of extra parent. Whether you realize it when you’re 10, 20, or 30, eventually you’ll start to appreciate the difference. Enjoy it, you are lucky.

Featured Image via Pixabay