Welcome to a new Series for the site, a piece where we will periodically take a look at some of the best, brightest and most overlooked people they city has to offer. In an age where the news is absolutely dominated by tragedy, gossip and fear-mongering, it’s a prime time to inject some feel good vibes into the public consciousness.

For our first edition, we are going to look at someone who was suggested to me when I brought up the idea for this piece, Neville Bird. Now, many of you may not be familiar with Neville, but that is the point of this piece, to share perspectives and life stories of those around us that you might not otherwise get to hear. Understanding is a key part of a functioning society, and by the end of every piece in this series, we hope you are inspired by, and feel motivated by your fellow man.

Over the course of my discussion with Neville, I without a doubt found him to be a Diamond in the Rough, a perfect first showcase. Neville is a compassionate, intelligent, and most important of all, very human person. Coming to America from Jamaica in his youth, Neville has spent over two and a half decades in New York City, so although he wasn’t born in New York, he is most definitely a New Yorker at heart.

Speaking with Neville, one of the first things to jump out to me was very surprising to me: his history with dance. Neville, upon coming to New York, signed up for dance, thinking it was more akin to the Michael Jackson style of dance, but to his surprise it was ballet! Not one to simply give up, however, Neville went with it and stayed with ballet for quite some time, even learning to play percussion in order to create music to dance to.

One of the inspiring things I picked up from Neville was his bought with Dyslexia. He never once made any excuses for it or felt ashamed for it, he simply seemed to be at terms with it, and knows it is part of his life. Dancing masked his Dyslexia, in his own words, and in the face of it he still went to College. He wouldn’t let something like Dyslexia stop his future.

Persistance is a key word to Neville, and that is reflected in every single thing he does. His father’s construction company ran into some hard times early in his life, but that didn’t stop him from creating his own construction company that he plans to pass on to his son, as his father did to him.

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Michael J. Smith /President of Berkeley College/  Neville Bird

Those looking to continue their schooling later in life can look to Neville Bird as a beacon of hope. After going to College previously for Psychology, he is now going to Berkley to pursue a degree in Healthcare Service Management, all to further his study of Psychology, and go towards his goal of having two Masters, one in clinical and one in counseling psychology. A noble goal indeed.

Sincerity was another key word that Neville repeated, and with all the other aspects of his love, you would think he has no time to pursue religion, but that is a major element of his life.

He somehow manages to juggle all of this all while living and learning in New York City, which makes him the perfect candidate for our first edition of this series. Please check back soon for another inspiring, and aspiring, New Yorker profile. I hope you have learned a little something, if so please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts, or even if you would like to nominate someone to be featured.