There are different stories about the history of this world and its civilization. This article enlists 7 must-visit places that a history student must visit to invigorate his history knowledge. These 7 must-visit places are based on  research work. Obviously, there can also be other places with rich history and civilization. So let’s have a look at 7 must-visit places for history students.

We are all aware of the fact that humans are social animals. Human prefers to live in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. This is why human preferred to develop his social life and to fulfill his needs he also developed many cities. Many of these cities are no more part of our modern world. But many of them are still present in this world. They are the monuments of historical civilizations.

1- Luoyang, China:

Luoyang Museum China – Photo via

Luoyang is among the oldest cities in the world. It is located in China. Due to its unique history, it is the center of attraction for tourists and history students. Its current population is around 6 million. Its civilization is estimated to be three thousand years old. So it is a city which belongs to before Christ era.

2-Jerusalem: Disputed between Palestine & Israel:

Jerusalem City – Photo via

Jerusalem is a disputed city between Israel and the Palestinian authority. This city also has a rich religious history. It is a sacred city for Christian, Muslims, and Jews. Historians write that this city was founded by Prophet David. History reveals that this city has been demolished at least three times since its birth. Internal rift of Palestinians and Israelis have made this city a flashpoint of war. This is why this city is regarded as a dangerous and unsafe place to visit. However, its rich civilization keeps on attracting tourists from various parts of the world.
3-Rey, Iran:

A street of ancient Rey, Iran, photo credit

Rey is a city of Iran and is one of the oldest cities on Earth. Its historical buildings and monuments are appealing for the tourists. This city was the residence of various kings. The tombs of many religious saints have also located this city.

4-Sidon, Lebanon:

Sidon Castle – Photo via

Sidon is a city of Lebanon. It is also considered as a home to many historical civilizations. According to historians, this city is about 5500 years old. Few historians write that this city was founded by “Sami” nation. The abandoned buildings of the Sami nation are still present in Sidon. The old civilization of Sidon is an apple of eyes of tourists from the Middle East and around the world. In the past, this city was ruled and administered by many nations including Romans and Ashurians.

5-Babylon (Currently Baghdad), Iraq:

Procession street at ancient Babylon – photo via

Babil (Short of Babylon) of Iraq has also managed to be a part of this list. This city is around 6000 years old. The unique architecture of Babul is a center of attraction for tourists. Many religious incidents are also connected to this city. Scholars of Abrahamic religions connect the story of two angels namely Harut and Marut to this city. These angels criticized the role of human on Earth. And then these angels were sent to the Earth. These angels were given the weaknesses of humanity. Religious scholars claim that these angels are still undergoing punishment by God. This traditional story appeals to the students of religious history to visit this city.

6- Yodo, Bulgaria:

Yodo river photo via

let’s move beyond Asia. Yodo is a city of Bulgaria in southeast Europe. It is estimated to be 6500 years old. It is the 2nd largest city of Bulgaria. This city also witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations. This city is a unique mix of old and modern civilizations. Its rich history attracts tourists from the world. In fact, this city is the biggest contributor to the tourism industry of Bulgaria.

7- Argos, Greece:

Argos, Greece – photo credit

Argos of Greece is estimated to be 7000 years old. This city is the epicenter of old stories of Greek deities. Greek history is of great importance because of Greek theories on Philosophy and Universe. Its rich and different history make Argos a top priority for the history lovers.