Many people consider Hereditary to be one of the most disturbing horror films ever made.

Unlike many contemporary horror films, Hereditary doesn’t rely entirely on gore or jump scares. Instead, Ari Aster’s debut film creeps into the viewer’s skin and leaves a long-lasting impact. The movie contains staggering performances all across the board, with all actors involved doing a fantastic job at their respective roles.

Alex Wolff, who plays the protagonist’s angsty teenage son, gave a truly standout performance. He demonstrated just how much he was capable of despite his young age. Wolff’s role called for a very demanding performance, and he definitely delivered.

However, the actor suffered a very concerning effect after being involved with this project.

During a phone interview with VICE, Wolff admitted that he now suffers from PTSD. He stated that he doesn’t recall shooting many of the scenes in Hereditary and was absolutely shocked when he saw them included in the final cut. Wolff also said that he has disturbing flashbacks to some of the movie’s imagery and most shocking moments. He stated all of this in a rather calm manner, without undermining the topic’s seriousness.

When addressing his acting method for the film and how he wanted to challenge the way in which teenagers are usually portrayed in horror, he stated:

Everyone expects a teenager, when something horrible happens, to try to be like, oh my god, call this person or call 911, and whatever. What really happens is that as a teen, it becomes too much to handle when tragedy strikes. Young people, especially males, internalize what’s going on by keeping in their stomachs without allowing it to come to the surface.

Later on the interview, he decided to address how the movie affected him in a psychological and emotional way:

When I started talking about it, all these flashes with all this disturbing shit I went through sorta came back in a flood. It kept me up at night to where I got into a habit of emotional masochism at that point of just trying to take in every negative feeling I could draw from … The unique experience of Hereditary was that I was very very isolated in a way that I had never really experienced.”

Wolff overall mentioned being indescribably scarred by the movie’s making, which has led him to believe that he has PTSD. However, he did not state if he has sought help from a specialist for this issue.

Featured Image via Instagram/hereditarymovie