Featured Image via Flickr/Keith Allison

Longtime Baltimore Oriole Adam Jones was almost on the move ahead of the July 31 trade deadline earlier this week.

The now-33-year-old outfielder was getting the attention of a few ball clubs that would like to have another outfielder. There were rumors of the Indians, Phillies, and a few other teams kicking the tires on dealing for the center fielder and, perhaps, moving him to right field.

Supposedly there was a potential deal in place with the Philadelphia Phillies to acquire Jones from the O’s, but the veteran decided not to accept the trade.

Jones has a no-trade clause because he obtained his ten-and-five rights, meaning he has played over ten years in the big leagues, and the last five of them with one team. When a player earns his ten-and-five rights, they receive an outright no-trade clause and therefore can veto any trade, as Jones did with this deal with the Phillies.

Jones said on CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco’s “R2C2” podcast that he gave a little thought to waiving his rights and joining a contender, but the Orioles didn’t officially talk to him about it until just a few days before the deadline, and he felt that he couldn’t uproot his family while thinking about it for just five days.

Jones said that he vetoed the trade to Philly because it simply didn’t seem like the right fit. They most likely would have had him platooning in right field with Nick Williams, and he isn’t ready to stop being an everyday player. He believes he has at least four years left of being a productive starter, and he doesn’t think he should give that up at this time.

He mentioned that if the Orioles wanted to call up a center field prospect, he would absolutely be willing to shift to right field and learn the position in order to get a prospect some MLB experience, but changing teams and position, perhaps, might have been a little much.

Overall, the Orioles’ front office may be upset that Jones did not waive his NTC, but Jones earned the right to say no and decided that he is happy in Baltimore and it isn’t worth moving his family in order to have a chance to win right now. Perhaps it will be revisited in the offseason, or even by the end of August, with the waiver-deadline approaching at the end of August.