Merely a week after Alex Jones’ content was taken off of Facebook, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify, the controversial conspiracy theorist attempted to find a new home for his videos on Vimeo.

Late last week, Jones uploaded his content onto the platform. However, his latest attempt to keep his content afloat was thrwarted only three days after the videos were posted, as Vimeo itself removed his videos from their website.

The platform was honest and upfront regarding its reasons for the removal. A spokesperson stated:

“[Jones’ content] violated our Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content … We do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way.”

Vimeo also confirmed that the people handling Jones’ account were notified prior to the removal and given a refund.

Vimeo employees reportedly noticed Alex Jones’ presence as soon as he uploaded his content, and voiced their concerns to the company’s CEO. The social media website was pressured to take Jones’ content down. Vimeo’s CEO, Anjali Sud, has not issued a statement himself regarding the subject. However, he is set to address the removal in an upcoming press conference.

Jones is still allowed to post on Twitter. The social media company has refused to completely silence him, stating that it is not responsible for filtering Jones’ comments. Even though some journalists have pointed that his tweets go against the platform’s rules, the company has not attempted to change the situation.

Jones have been accused of using his podcasts and shows to spread both hate and false information.

The removal of Jones’ content has sparked a debate regarding freedom of speech. Many have wondered if social media platforms made the right decision. While some have stated that Jones’ videos were deliberately taken down for going against liberalism, most people have stated that they have the right to choose who they support.

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