Bynes, 28, was spotted Sunday riding a bicycle in New York City. She arrived Friday after an arrest for suspicion of DUI in LA. Here visiting friends, the star seemed at ease, though she had a bandage on her face, that she tried to cover with her sunglasses.

Best known for her corky sense of humor, Bynes has played a number of title characters over the years. Mainly, she has played a teen that young girls can relate to, passing the message that no matter how different you are, it’s perfectly fine to be yourself.

Thought, in recent months, speculation of her sanity has been taken into question, due to her erratic behavior. Bynes, arrested several times for drug use, DUI and speculation, is now under the care of her parents who are monitoring her behavior and spending, as she attends fashion school in LA. They are doing their best to return their daughter to a state of sanity and keep the alcohol and drug use at bay. The star was released from jail at $15,000 bail for her recent run in with the law over DUI speculation.

Bynes has been accused of talking to herself while in LAX airport last week. The star was reportable sitting alone at a restaurant, with her makeup spread out over the table. An onlooker stated she would put on her makeup, check herself in the mirror and then say aloud, that it looked good enough. She soon departed the restaurant in a rush to board a flight. Some indicate this as bizarre behavior, though; loyal fans of the star must take into account what is ‘normal’ Amanda, and what woman doesn’t talk to themselves while putting on makeup?




Photo Via Flickr/Zennie Abraham