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Whenever we heard the phrase “freedom of speech” we always consider western media as an ideal place for journalists. However, recent events on Assange’s indictment has proven us wrong. The western media is not as liberal as we think. Assange’s indictment came at a time when America is going for another election after about 17 months. Experts believe that Assange’s indictment will be used as a hot topic in USA elections in 2020. However, our concerns are not with presidential debate, but the controlled silence of western media and press associations in the west.

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Journalists around the world are showing concerns on indictment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in 17 cases. And there are rumors that He can be given imprisonment for 170 years or more. This news is enough for simulating journalists who work in war and expose war crimes.

Despite showing concerns the journalist community is largely silent over Assange issue. This may be possibly due to fear of being indicted. However, few have dared to speak in favor of Assange. In many sections of journalists, Assange is named as The Truth Teller. In the west, the journalist community is silent on this issue. Obviously, they are worried about their own families. In fact, unfortunately, many western hawkish journalists are supporting Assange’s indictment. There support and silence will not serve any purpose to the freedom of speech.

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This behavior is not limited to the west only. Many countries in the third world also do the same. However, when such cases happen in China or Russia the western journalists write hundreds of columns in favor of freedom of speech. The western celebrities who are always very vocal are also silent on this. Here it may be noted that Assange’s case is not new. The same has happened with Pamela Anderson and Roger Waters.

Interestingly the so-called liberal establishment terms Assange as a coward person who took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid harassment charges. This narrative cannot be true because there are reports that sooner or later He will be extradited to the USA. Meanwhile, Assange also mentioned the same in 2010. The current indictment from USA authorities also confirms Assange’s fear.

Offcourse rape charges are very serious but we can clearly see that the western media is not talking about the rape charges. Instead, the media are more interested in his work on WikiLeaks. International law assertion that “innocent until proven guilty” is not being implemented in this case.

The major crime of Assange was that He showed us the true face of our governments. He tried to show us what our governments do with our tax money.  He showed us the other side, of course, a horrible side, in the same picture. He exposed war crimes in Iraq. Interestingly the failure of the Iraq war is still a hot topic in the US presidential debates.  US Current president gives the reference of Wikileaks to accuse his opponent Hillary of corruption. It was also reported that WikiLeaks downed Hillary’s image in the USA.

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Now He who exposed the war crimes is in jail and those who committed war crimes are free. This indictment also indicated how media are being controlled in the western world. It seems that Assange is being destroyed to deter other vocal voices in the west.

The silence of media hawks and politically manipulated celebrities is really questionable. Unfortunately, the right activists, who keep on raising voices for small issues, have also maintained silence over this issue.  They can no more be labeled as free voices.  We can just hope that freedom of speech will prevail in our hypocrite world.