Posts by: Breanna Kane

Google Creates AI Hardware with NSynth Super

Google recently created a prototype for artificial intelligence hardware in the form of a musical instrument (a synthesizer), but you...

Toys R No Longer Us, Company Likely to Liquidate

The end of Toys R Us heralds the end of an era as the company plans to liquidate in the face of overwhelming competitive forces. On...

Global Seed Vault to Save the World One Crop at a Time

While watching the world’s issues, some are planning for humanity’s long-term future. Crops are central to society, and seed vaults...

Virtual Currency, Physical Violence

Holders of significant digital funds are being threatened with physical violence as thieves seek to rob the digitally wealthy of their...

New DNA Nanorobots Successfully Target and Destroy Cancerous Tumors

Nanorobots! Scientists have successfully used the small, autonomous robots to fight cancer. Nature Biotechnology published the paper...

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