Posts by: Crystal Ng

Is Twitter turning into Snapchat, too?

We live in a generation that considers smartphones as a basic necessity. It is something we wake up to and also the last thing we look at...

Apple Continues to Expand Its Empire

We live in an era where smart devices have become a daily essential to us. Through this, we have turned to the digital form of many...

IHOP Incident: Race Was Constructed by Mankind

An incident that happened at one of the IHOP restaurants in the city of Auburn in Maine has sparked controversy in recent news. It is no...

Extreme Weathers from Global Warming

The east coast seems to be suffering the most from the extreme cold this year. Back in January, plenty of flights to and from the New York...

Contemporary Art Photographer, Talia Chetrit

Talia Chetrit’s upcoming solo shows will be taking place in MAXXI, Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo, Rome. It is a national museum...

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