Social Media Glitch: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter Down

Social media down

Within the late hours of Wednesday (from 17:00 UTC), leading social media platforms were down due to some technical issues. Facebook and its three messaging apps were reported down as users around the world were unable to send and receive files via the platforms. On WhatsApp, users retained the ability to send messages, but images, videos, documents, and even stickers were not passed between users. Although the glitches remain, the authorities have posted that they are putting everything in place to ensure that the billions of users worldwide get back…

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MBS Well-being Exchange & Summit, in New York City – Health & Wellness Brands Exposition

The great entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, practiced Zen Meditation during his lifetime to ensure that he kept his mind and his body united, working together to drive the forces of his body. It was reported that Jobs visited India to perfect his practice of Zen Buddhist meditation and to train himself on how to harness the highest of his brain power through the practice. The Holistic (Body, Mind, and Soul) industry is focused on helping humans maintain healthy minds to increase physical health and productivity. Wellness experts emphasize that the body,…

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