UK Facebook users can now Report Online Scam Ads

Facebook Logo

Facebook is continuously looking for new ways to improve its user experience. That’s why the Company recently announced its plan to making an independent body to keep a watch over it. Now, Facebook has launched a tool for U.K. users that helps to report online scam ads. Anyone using Facebook in the UK can access this feature. All you have to do is to click on the three dots at the top right-hand corner of each ad. After that, select report ad, from the options, choose ‘Misleading or scam’, and…

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FaceApp Responds to Privacy Concerns Raised by Users

Terry Crews FaceApp

FaceApp is the AI-powered self-editing app that has become viral in a short period. The Company was entangled in controversy recently. Now it has responded to the controversy. We will mention the full response of FaceApp at the end of the post. FaceApp is a Russian startup. The App users raised two main issues regarding the app. The first one was that the app uploads the photos of people on the cloud without their consent. It doesn’t clarify the user that processing is going on their device. The second issue…

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We Shouldn’t Blame Silicon Valley for the rot of Washington

Silicon Valley View From Above

There have been many theories regarding who is responsible for the rot of Washington. Is it the Silicon Valley or just the flawed policies of Washington, or something else? Since the 2016 elections, a tech-lash has been underway. People are blaming Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. There are several blameworthy things in tech, especially in the case of Facebook. With all these allegations, one wonders what it is about the tech industry that makes it a specific target? We know that many people around the world blame Facebook for the results…

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No Reason to Ban Huawei as a 5G supplier, says UK Committee

Huawei 5G Suppliers in the UK

A UK parliamentary committee has concluded that it couldn’t find any technical reason to exclude the Chinese network kit vendor Huawei as a 5G supplier. The Science and Technology Committee wrote a letter to the UK’s Digital Minister Jeremy Wright, which says, “Currently, we haven’t found any evidence to exclude the Chinese Company Huawei from UK’s networks. We also haven’t found it as a threat posed by foreign suppliers.” However, the Committee goes on to recommend Huawei’s exclusion from the core 5G networks. It also noted that most mobile networks…

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