Trump Visits Kim to Prevent Collaboration Between North Korea and Iran

North Korea and Iran are two countries that are enemies of America.  The first is under the American embargo, and the second under the sanction of the United Nations.  In this sense, they have complementary needs and would be ready to play their cards to strengthen each other on its side. Iran wants to access the Weapon of Persuasion to protect itself against the constant threat of the Trump administration. While North Korea, which is a very advanced militarily, is facing a severe economic problem. When you are in trouble,…

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A Journey  with Pauline* a Haitian Agricultural Worker of Little Haiti

green bean farm in Little Haiti

In Miami, Haitian agricultural workers from “Little Haiti” who work in the green bean harvest are subjected to slavery -to put a name on it. They work seven days a week and are paid per piece, with no social benefits. Pauline* is a 20-year-old Haitian woman from southern Haiti. She arrived at Miami through the family reunification program, six months ago.  His father Mr. Jacob* talked to the boss to get her a job in the camp.  Her day starts at 4 am and ends at 7 pm. Every morning…

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English Makes Integration Difficult for Haitian Migrants in Little Haiti

little haiti

New Haitian migrants in Little Haiti (Miami) face integration problems in the labor market. Because of their lack of knowledge in the English language; they are forced to work at the lowest paid jobs.  According to a Haitian sociologist and lawyer, Clifford Cherry, who lives in Miami, the non-mastery of English is a real constraint to find a job. What makes the speciality of Little Haiti? Little Haiti is a suburban neighborhood of the city of Miami inhabited mostly by Haitian immigrants. It is one of the rarest places you…

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The Issue of Fossil Fuels, Economic Growth and Global Warning

Oil consumption is the engine of economic growth. But the reject of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produces a lot of side effects, including global warming, land desertification, and forest dieback. These are majorly the reason for the melting of polar ice.  Sooner or later, this situation will usher the planet into new diseases, famine, and even environmental refugees phenomenon. However, the developed countries could minimize the consequences if they act quickly on this issue. “Can we declare today that twice car on earth, it will be twice as many welfares?…

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In Haiti: The Unanimous Call for Resignation of President Moise

Haiti protest for president's resignation

Last weekend, on the call of Petrochallengers and Haitian opposition leaders, hundreds of thousands of Haitian people had protested at Port-Au-Prince and different provincial cities, to claim the resignation of President Jovel Moise who was allegedly involved in corruption. The Haitian Court of Auditors (CSPJ) comes to produce a report they had investigated on funds state from Petro-Caribe. The story has shown how deeply Moise was involved in corruption. Before being president, he owned several fictive construction companies. Those firms have given him access to benefit several juicy contracts from…

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