In a small, quaint, close-knit community a man named Ken Austin had a dream of creating the most masterful tequila that would commemorate the marvelous highlands’ agave flavor. With his dream in tow, Austin moved to Jesus Maria, Mexico, the location where the world’s best agave is, and worked with the Lopez family who started the manage the land where this plant was grown and began to create the world famous Avión tequila.  

After years and years of mastering the old-school tequila blending techniques, both Ken and the Lopez family were able to conceive a remarkable tequila, never trying to cut the corners to save time or money and always focusing on the art of creating tequila itself. Through the intricate six step production process, Ken and the Lopez family aim to produce the most natural, rich and roasted flavors that the Avión agave can possibly have.

This initial step of the Avión tequila process relies on the “Single Source Agave.” With 100% of the company’s agave coming directly from Jesus Maria, the land owned and managed by the Lopez family is the still the only land where Avión produces their product. A combination of being 7,000 feet above sea level while simultaneously having nutrient-packed soil and drastic temperature swings, this land is the perfect area to create such a remarkable agave plant.

After the 7-10 years the single source avión agave takes to be fully harvested, the Lopez family’s team of jimadores go out to the fields and handpick only the ripe agave in the most traditional manner. Once harvested, the team begins the fourth stage of production- the slow roasting. Here, the agave is slow roasted in ovens for at least 72 hours at a low temperature to ensure the idealistic caramelization of agave. Through this intense period, the agave produces the richest flavors and purest sweetness possible.

Following the fermentation process, small handmade pot stills are used to distill the product. One way that Avión stands out against their competition is that unlike the competitors, the use “up to 30% more agave in each bottle of tequila, making us one of the most inefficient tequila producers.” Through the process of ultraslow filtration following distillation, the tequila “juice” is filtered at a rate of ten times longer. Although it takes longer, this process helps to maintain the natural agave flavor while additionally removing pungent alcoholic tastes and impurities.

To complete the intricate process, the Avión tequila is then placed into whiskey barrels for proper aging. Just the same way that American Whiskey is aged, Avión tequila is placed into the white oak barrels and remain there until perfect. To ensure ideal flavor, products such as their Reposado remain in the barrels three times longer than what is required and Avión Añejo for two times more duration.

This long and tedious process did not go unnoticed as in 2012, Avión was known as the “World’s Best Tasting Tequila” and “World’s Best White Spirit” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Out of over 1400 different spirits brands being entered in this end-all-be-all competition, Avión tequila was ranked in the top spot against all tequilas, vodkas, gins and white rums.

Without the company’s meticulous attention to detail in the production process, Avión tequila would not have the remarkable flavor it does today. Around the globe, Avión tequila can be described as a simply delicious alcoholic beverage that everyone enjoys.

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