Priti Patel, British Secretary of State in International Development, resigned last week due to a conspicuous breach in regulation when she met with Israeli diplomats upon her two-week holiday over the summer, contradicting her statement of visiting her family. This sudden and covert meet was arranged and violated ministerial protocol, causing her political termination. As the lead of International Development, Patel’s role is supporting and providing needs for the underdeveloped and communities of developing countries. Her duties can vary from education benefits to health and agriculture.

Her confidential meetings contained official business of the British-Israeli alliance, which she alone executed, with no agreements, contracts, or documentation. Her termination resulted from “details that have come to light,” regarding her lack of transparency on the matter. The contention is that she may, or may not be hiding anything, and could have been unimpeachable.

Patel’s managed to conduct an expeditious 12 meetings in a span of 13 days, alongside a few exclusive names:

Although Patel’s meetings may have seemed philanthropic, all meetings were done undisclosed to Theresa May, British politician serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party since 2016. May has had some previous conflicts with fellow members of the Parliament, who were asked to resign under May’s authority, some of which included Michael Fallon, forced to abandon duties after alleged accusations of sexual indecency. Another member of Parliament asked to resign was Damian Green, accused of viewing porn on his work computer.

A few other names have speculation about their significance, such as Carl Sargeant, Welsh First Minister, who may have committed suicide November 7th, 2017. Along with these incidents, Boris Johnson, a British politician, and popular historian and journalist jeopardized the life of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a journalist jailed in Iran for accusations of espionage. Further claims have developed that Boris was the only one informed of Patel’s secret meetings, but these allegations have been dismissed. The cabinet members’ reshuffle challenges Theresa May’s position and role, as her party, under scrutiny, slowly crumbles.

Amidst the confusion, Jon Trickett, Shadow Minister of the cabinet office confessed, “If Theresa May is serious about giving the people of Britain the good government they deserve, then she must explain to all of us why Patel appears to have retained her full confidence.” What’s interesting is the social media posts of her visits and published confirmation, shows Patel was aware she would be confronted with the matter.


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