Category: Economy

Mining Cryptocurrency: Your Intro Course

Hello and welcome again to our feature on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general! In our previous installment, we went over the humble...

Trade War with China or Downfall of an Economy, Your Call, Trump

The U.S. and China have not always been on good terms, that is a fact. Sometimes, it Is inferred that this is mainly the fault of the U.S.,...

Toys R No Longer Us, Company Likely to Liquidate

The end of Toys R Us heralds the end of an era as the company plans to liquidate in the face of overwhelming competitive forces. On...

Trump is blocking one of the biggest technology deals in the history

President Trump ordered the Broadcom company that is located in Singapore to cancel or reject its offer of $117 billion dollars for...

A debate between Delta and the NRA going further

The NRA “ The National Rifle Association” are going after Delta airlines because they disagree with their political view about the tax...

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