Category: Media

Is Twitter turning into Snapchat, too?

We live in a generation that considers smartphones as a basic necessity. It is something we wake up to and also the last thing we look at...

OP-Ed; What You Don’t Know About People in Social Media

You think you are safe just because you have a home, a family and a job. You meet with people every day and communicate with them. You...

Google Delves into Local News with Bulletin

Google drew heavy skepticism when it introduced a service Friday called Bulletin that allows users to publish stories with text, tags,...

Facebook to Rank News Feed Based on Polls

Facebook will be ranking its News Feed based on outlets that a group of users selected as “trustworthy” with the aim to improve the...

Logan Paul and YouTube: What Needs to Happen

In the past year, the content sharing website YouTube has revamped its policies to be stricter on what can be uploaded, said in videos and...

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