While the Cavs promised their fans that they would not blow up their roster in the wake of LeBron James’ departure from “The Land,” that doesn’t mean that fans shouldn’t expect some changes.

Cleveland has been searching for ways to clear some cap off the books and have decided that making Korver available in trade talks is one way to complete that goal. Korver is owed $7.6 million in 2019 and $7.5 million the year after that, with only $3.4 million guaranteed.

Kyle Korver’s role in Cleveland’s success this season cannot be overlooked. Starting 11 of 23 playoff games for the Cavs, Korver spaced the floor for players like James and Love with his 3-point shooting, keeping defenders honest by shooting 41% from behind the arc.

Right from the start of his 15-year professional career, this veteran has been a nightmare from downtown. In only his second year as a Philadelphia 76er, Korver set a team record by knocking down 226 threes, tied for the most in the 2005 NBA season.

While K2 isn’t known for scoring a high volume of points, his accuracy is what makes him so unique. He has led the NBA in 3-point percentage four different times, one of which he shot an astounding 53.6%, the highest rate in history. His shooting prowess was so impressive that he was even named an All-Star in 2015 despite averaging a minuscule 12 points per game. Currently, Korver ranks 4th all-time in made threes, and it won’t be long until he surpasses Jason Terry on that list needing only 70 long balls to take his spot.

Shooters shoot, and his free throw game is just as stunning as his jumper. He has made 88.1% of his shots from the charity stripe in his career, touching as high as 93.3% in his first season as a Cleveland Cavalier. Korver also led the NBA free throw percentage in 2007, when he shot 91.4% from the line.

Shooters like Korver are rare, and the Cavs likely won’t have a problem finding a trade destination for arguably the greatest shooter the game of basketball has ever seen. Needless to say, Korver is a reliable option for teams looking to improve their stats from deep.


Featured Image Via Wikimedia Commons