Looks like teens always having their phones handy is not such a bad thing, as it seems to have saved one young man’s life. NowThis is reporting that a bullet was deflected by a teenage boy’s cell phone. The young man was exiting a McDonald’s in the morning with friends. The shooter approached the group, asked their names, and then pulled out a gun. The only injury they young man holding the phone sustained was a cut in his hand. Luckily, the bullet did not hit anyone directly. Unfortunately, the shooter is still on the loose.

NowThis was also able to sit down with Jason Crouch, a member of the Shawnee police department. He explains how the cell phone was able to deflect the bullet and save the young man’s life.

“The bullet went through the cup, striking the cell phone and then the pushing of the cell phone caused a split in his hand.”

This is not the first story of its kind. According to KCTV5, a woman’s life was also possibly saved because of her cell phone. In May of this year, a woman got into a car accident with a man in a small neighborhood in Memphis. The shooter’s car was totaled, and in the heat of an argument, he began to open fire at her. At least 8 shots were fired but the woman was not harmed. The victim told police that she held the phone next her face as the shots were fired. Her phone was shattered as a result and she was unharmed. Police believe that the woman’s phone deflected the bullet and saved her from a potentially fatal gunshot wound.

Cell phones are not a common or recommended method of safety. Professionals definitely do not recommend that anyone voluntarily attempt to deflect a bullet with a cell phone. But is certainly interesting to see that these little gadgets can be used for some good every so often. This is certainly a new good that technology can be used for. In the future, it will be interesting to see what cell phones are able to do as the technology continues to develop.