• Youtube Red and Google Play Music are combining and becoming a new music streaming service.
  • Youtube uses advertisements to push users into subscribing to the new service.

Recent news has disclosed a new music streaming service that combines the Google Play Music and Youtube Red. While there is already a significant amount of advertisement on Youtube that frustrates users, it seems like the situation will be worsening. Gradually, the commercials that interrupt music videos will be boosted.

It is rising up to contend with Spotify, consumers’ favorite music streaming application.

In order to boost the number of users and attain a loyal client base, the firm has implemented a guileful scheme.

Lyor Cohen, a top executive at Youtube even insinuated on the advertisement strategy in the near future at a Southwest music festival. The only question left is when? When will it be launched? Cohen then proceeded to hint at the idea that an advertisement will pop up subsequent to every music video. Users will notice as the number of advertisements on Youtube begins to feel more intrusive. Apparently, this move is part of a larger plan. By frustrating the users enough, the firm hopes to provoke them into subscribing to the new application that offers the better service.

On top of being free of advertisements, the new deal includes a wider range of content in terms of videos and music that are otherwise inaccessible by non-subscribers. This is the main selling point to capture a new audience.

This profit-making upgrade will no doubt satisfy the problem and critic record labels worldwide, as they have often brought up complaints regarding the insufficient financial credits that Youtube gives to them and the featured artists. In fact, Youtube has allegedly, in some cases, violated certain copyright conditions.

This premium service is intended to be the next big phenomena, as Cohen has mentioned definite plans and effort involved in creating an elaborate marketing campaign circling the debut. Even though the actual name of the application, as well as the date of debut, have not been disclosed to the public as of yet, the firm remains hopeful of its success in this endeavor. Yet again, other music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have already established their loyal fan base, which means this application will have to fight and contend for their chunk of the music fan base.

Our top priority at YouTube is to deliver a great user experience and that includes ensuring users do not encounter excessive ad loads. We do not seek to specifically increase ad loads across YouTube. For a specific subset of users who use YouTube like a paid music service today – and would benefit most from additional features – we may show more ads or promotional prompts to upsell to our paid service,” a spokesperson of Youtube has stated.”

The firm continues to be optimistic and believes in its own competency to gain success. Cohen believes that there are “a lot more people” who would supposedly choose their music streaming service as opposed to its rivals, like Spotify and Apple Music. Consequently, they hope this would silence the complaints from record label companies and featured artists.

While we have heard plenty of the people in the industry, what do users think? There are so many details that the firm has not revealed yet, one of which is the subscription prices. While this may be counterintuitive, prices tend to be the decisive factor for consumers who have several alternatives. In order to stand a chance against its rivals, like Spotify, one would assume that the price should, first of all, be comparable to the rests.

Will consumers continue to support any subsequent service of Youtube if they find the advertisement scheme nauseating?