Converse Chuck 70 Parkway Floral High Top Denim

Pretty in Pink. Bold in Blue. Gorgeous in Gold.

Converse recently released a line of floral sneakers that will add a pop of color to anyone’s shoe collection. Sneakerheads rejoice!

As an addition to the Chuck 70 line, these sneakers are nothing less than eye-catching. On the brink of fall and back-to-school season, the skater shoe company released the sneakers in both a high top and low top version; with each version available in three different colors including denim, gold and driftwood. These colors would definitely brighten up any fall and back-to-school outfit. But colors aside, the shoe’s floral pattern is the real key to its uniqueness. Embroidered on one side of the shoe’s upper leather, the floral design adds a cute-vintage finish to the sneaker’s overall aesthetic.

With its origin in sports, Converse’s Chuck line is indeed the company’s stand-alone OG shoe. First marketed as the “Non-Skids,” the shoe was designed to be a high-performance athletic shoe for basketball players. And the shoe did attract ballers. In 1923, basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined the Converse-sponsored team The Converse All Stars, and since then, the Chuck All-Stars grew into its own stand-alone sneaker line.

The 70 line is an upgrade to the original All-Star line. They are famous both on and off the court. And with their new color options and floral detailing, the Chuck 70 Parkway Floral will shine with any outfit and for any occasion.

Feature Image via Nordstrom