Early Wednesday morning, cities and towns across the East Coast are dealing with the repercussions of the deadly storm that killed at least  4 people. Among these were an 11 year old girl in New York, who was killed when a tree fell on a car she was in. Her mother watched her daughter die as she lay in agony, suffering various injuries. Another victim in Connecticut was fatally killed when a tree fell on his truck.

Power has been cut off to more than 400,000 people in the Northeast, with delays on trains and roads. With high pressure winds, trees and power lines are dropping all over the place, damaging homes, cars, and injuring passerby’s as well. Lightning has led to fires in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and Hail the size of golf balls are pounding all over New York and Connecticut. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has declared a state of emergency in several counties. Other states are recommended to keep eye and take precaution, for the next couple of days will be brutal.

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